People with disabilities have many challenges in terms of mobility, speech and even sometimes performance in bed. However, emergence of technological equipment help people with disabilities really understand that disability is really not in ability. Technology is helping disable people be more empowered and enables them to go about their daily activities as usually.

  1. The blind and paralyzed can now drive

Driving a car when you are disabled can be tough, mostly just down right impossible. However, manufactures these days are integrating new technology to the cars they make to enable that the physically challenged can also drive using just the hands or just one leg. Some cars are made with hand operated accelerator and brakes and an automatically fitted clutch.

The Google driverless car, mostly seen used in the movies is also helpful to the disabled people who do not want t be followed wherever they go with a chauffeur or worse a family member. No one wants to feel like a liability. This car operates from artificial intelligence and is integrate with Google’s street view and many cameras. All these functions work together to help the car drive itself.

  1. Robotic arms and legs

These are emerging technologies that allow people who have lost their arms or legs in accidents or those born without limbs to have the second chance of using them again, artificially. We have all seen the legs that are attached to the host to help them walk. The robotic limbs will have sensors that will be attached to major nerves to help them sense signals from the brain and move accordingly. This will be helpful to those who do not want to use wheel chairs and those that want to have unlimited chances of being like others and having equal opportunities.

  1. Unlimited mobility for the blind

Traditionally the blind have limited mobility. By this I mean they have only been allowed to move in familiar environments by mastering the location of items, using a walking stick or being led by a person or dog. Walking alone can be tough because one may be shuffled in busy street full of passersby and loose direction of their destination. This means they are not usually able to go wherever they want whenever they want. However the personal navigation devices in the market today.

This sensors tell the user the direction and location. It may not be a total substitution t the cane the dog or the human leader, but it will help the blind find the right direction when they are shuffled and pushed. The can also save locations and tags for future references.

  1. Enhancers

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