How to Masturbate a GirlFingering is one of the techniques that drive ladies crazy. Fingering gives a lady the best of experience equally the same as fucking her live. It is one way of increasing a lady’s sensations through manual tactics which stimulate her clit to reach orgasm. The clitoris and the vaginal walls play a key role during fingering. One thing to remember is that the clitoris is so sensitive and is not always the same with different women. When tapped well with well-wetted fingertips, it can switch off the mind of any lady and cause an extraordinary sensation, which raises feelings and sexual emotions instantly. They just but feel so good and this is usually a no-brainer. When fingering, carefulness in doing becomes crucial and it determines the outcome. Specific instructions ought to be taken into consideration during the procedure.

Instead of hurrying into her, it is important to tease her on both inner thighs and outer labia. This helps to steam her emotions and perhaps swim through a world of sweetness. Make sure your finger is wet enough, inserting a dry finger will cool down sensations and won’t make it interesting. Using her mouth to make your finger wet will be the best idea to do this.

When performing fingering, enter one finger at a time, starting with the middle finger at an interval of 20-30 seconds. Always focus on the clitoris and the G-spot when fingering. With all the above simple instructions taken into consideration, let us now check out the following hottest fingering techniques.

The Clit Rubber

This technique is best applicable when you are either kneeling or standing and facing one another. Wet your index and middle finger using your or her saliva. This will reduce friction, which may cause damage to the vaginal tissues and consequently make the fingering painful.

  • Slowly start rubbing her clitoris using the fingertips.
  • Take a smooth shift and softly start tapping thereby making gentle squeezing of clitoris between the index and middle finger.
  • Start increasing the tapping tempo to increase sensations and emotionalize her.
  • With this technique, many ladies reach their orgasm and it makes them cream with the sweetest voice ever. It is just the best method to finger her.

The Pussy Slider

Is a fingering technique usually applicable when both of you are standing or kneeling and facing one another?

  • Ensure that you have well lubricated your index and middle finger.
  • Softly tap the two sides of her clitoris with the tips of these fingers.
  • Slowly start inserting them deep inside her vagina. This will cause deep sensations and make her reach the orgasm without strain. It is the sweetest of all techniques when applied well.
  • You can repeat this technique to increase sensations.

The Come Hither

It is best applicable when you kneel left or right of her depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed

  • Wet your palm, middle and ring finger.
  • Slowly insert the middle and ring finger inside the vagina, slopping them upwards her vaginal walls.
  • Make soft motions of fingertips towards her fore vaginal walls while rubbing her clitoris with your wet palm to further increase sensations.
  • When performing this technique, start slowly but after a while, start increasing the tempo to drive her to the climax.