Ejaculatory latency is a term used to refer to the period between penile stimulation and ejaculation. Ejaculatory latency is a relative measure and just like other relative measures, ejaculatory latency is dependent upon a number of factors. Some of these factors include: the time interval between ejaculations, use of alcohol and other forms of intoxicants, use of prescription medications, state of sexual arousal and the length and nature of foreplay during the intercourse at unitarny. The term premature ejaculation refers to ejaculation that happens fast. However, just like the latency, the prematurity of ejaculation itself is also relative and is dependent upon the sexual satisfaction that both partners have derived from the intercourse. Be that as it may, the term premature ejaculation is commonly employed to refer to uncontrolled ejaculation that is associated with minimal sexual stimulation. Premature ejaculation can be a serious problem among partners since a premature ejaculation usually implies that one or both partners have not attained sufficient sexual satisfaction.

The major determinant of ejaculation latency and hence the maturity or prematurity of an ejaculation is the sensitivity of the penile tissue. A highly sensitive penile tissue will most likely be predisposed to premature ejaculation sine the individual is easily aroused by minimal sexual activity. Luckily for people with highly sensitive penile tissues, there is a product that is specifically designed to address this problem. A desensitizing spray is a spray that can be applied on the penile area and reduce the amount of sensitivity that a person has. Such sprays are recommended for individuals affected with premature ejaculation since they will reduce the overall sensitivity of their penile areas enabling them to last longer during the intercourse process.

There are various sprays that are available to help alleviate the problem of male premature ejaculation and one of the best premature ejaculation sprays is Promescent, which is right after Stud 100 desensitizing spray for men. Promescent is an over-the-counter desensitizing spray that is used to alleviate premature ejaculation. The spray product uses a patented skin absorption technology that is designed to enhance your control of the ejaculation process thereby guaranteeing both you and your partner a satisfactory sexual experience. With greater control of the ejaculation through the use of Promescent, you are in a better position to engage your partner more during the intercourse process. You will be in a position to last longer during the intercourse and in turn be able to engage your partner in her favorite sexual positions and perform more sexual activities such as clitoral stimulation during the intercourse process. The use of Promescent is therefore bound to leave both you and your partner fully satisfied with a rewarding mutually satisfying sexual experience.

One aspect of Promescent that makes it the desensitizing spray of choice is its dosage metered bottle. The sprays bottle has dosage indications that will guide you on how to sue it according to your penile sensitivity. The indications on the bottle prescribe 3-5 sprays for men with high penile sensitivity and 1-2 sprays for men whose penile sensitivity is low. However, it is important to appreciate that the exact needs for each and every man cannot be summarized on a bottle and as such, it is important for users to find their most comfortable level of Promescent usage with respect to the number of sprays needed. Initially, it might not be possible to this. However, after using the product for some time, one will be able to establish their exact usage needs.