Rights for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities too are entitled to enjoy certain rights to enable them have some sense of belonging. There are about a billion people living with disabilities around the world. Such people should neither be subjected to discrimination nor restricted from participating in the various community or society development practices. People with disabilities especially in developing countries are living in abject poverty and majority of them have remained marginalized. Disability is not inability as most say thus people with disabilities should be whole rounded-social, political, economical, civil and social grounds. They should live like other people in the society-play their active role in the society and make choices as others do. The following are the rights for people with disabilities.

Right to Employment

Employers should not go against the law by discriminating people with disabilities. The act of equality protects the people living with disabilities from being discriminated in terms of employment. Besides, when making adjustments, your employer should reasonably adjust your working hours to favor you as a disabled person. Moreover, the process of redundancy and retirement should be done fair and balanced to favor people with disabilities.

Rights to Education

A school should not discriminate persons with disabilities in any way right from admissions, victimization, harassment or provision of facilities to them. The school should identify the persons with disabilities and offer special attention to them. The parents of the children with disabilities should not underrate in any way their disabled children when it comes to provision of education to them.

Rights to Health care services

People with disabilities too are entitled to access quality healthcare and social facilities. Those concerned should pay closer attention in taking good care of the persons living with disabilities. Quality health care should be available to people with disabilities to enable them live smooth lives just as we do.

Rights to renting and buying of property

No one should ever bar someone living with disabilities from enjoying selling and buying of property. They also have their right to manage certain properties. Landlords therefore should never in any way discriminate them when renting out their property. They also need to enjoy live just like others. Taxation and rental payments should be made fair and just not discriminate such people. Motoring and transport facilities too should be accessed freely by people with disabilities. Just as we enjoy live, people with disabilities too should. Their rights however, vary from state to state. They have the right to be protected by the law.