The Importance of a Big Penis to Build Confidence

big-penis-1238715_640A big penis and height are some of the most desirable things men want in their body. Surveys have shown that men generally want a big penis except for a few men who are naturally endowed with larger sized penis. The reason adduced by many is that it helps build a man’s confidence level and self-esteem as it may lead them to more social encounters, more especially in the bedroom. Due to these reasons among several other reasons why men want big penis, some men have taken it upon themselves to do something about their penis sizes, through various penis exercises and pills. You might wonder why they need to go through that just to get a larger penis. Does a big penis build a man’s confidence indeed?

That question will rather be given an open-ended answer. There is a popular saying that aptly captures how significant penis is to every man, the saying, “All men think with their penis rather than their brains”. Okay, I’d like to add that, that’s rather a cray assertion that I can’t find myself corroborating, but for this purpose here, let’s use it to explain a point. Men with larger penis, who have probably gained it over time through pills, exercises or surgically are known to feel more alpha than their less endowed counterparts. This is not by any sense meaning that large penis is the only source of confidence for men.

It must be noted, that there are still a lot of men who though, do not have a large penis but are still very much confident about their body and their life. However, their source of confidence could be as a result of other successes they have achieved in life. It must be added that such men as these are in the minority, men who don’t have a sizeable large penis usually suffer some kind of inferiority complexes because small penis makes them feel less than a man or less masculine. More so, if they have been embarrassed for lack of a large penis, such an experience could make a man become reserved and antisocial.

Furthermore, apart from peer-pressure and confidence among fellow men and social circles, small penis has been known to have wrecked marriages and broken relationships. A man with a small sized penis generally has low performance in bed, if married it is most likely that his wife would seek extra marital sexual satisfaction, some women who are bold enough seek divorce. A woman’s pussy expands by the counts of sex she has and the frequency of her sexual experience, it goes without saying that a woman will be more inclined to larger penis sooner or later in the course or a permanent relationship. It has been proven that sex is very important to a woman much more than to the man because sex takes place insight a woman and she enjoys it the most. Hence, when her man is not up and doing in bed she begins to seek solace in some able men out there with larger sized penis to satisfy her sexual desire. Little wonder most men with smaller sized penis seek penis enlargement mechanisms.

In conclusion, the importance of a big penis cannot be over emphasized. Building self-confidence and gaining expression among your class makes a bold man. The man will a larger sized penis has a stronger relationship. So, for those who don’t have enough, you need to measure up as urgently as possible.